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Why travel to Uganda?

Uganda is sandwiched between giant tourist destinations, you can barely hear squeaky noise about it in the locker rooms of Africa safari drama. Kenya and Tanzania lock it off in the East, Zambia and South Africa camouflage it in the south. Unstable DR Congo rides a black flag in the western flank, Ethiopia is too historical to ignore in the north and neighboring tiny Rwanda’s got too big an ego to beat in tourism (and pretty much everything else).

Then why even think of traveling to Uganda? There’s that traveler that does not easily get swayed by popular opinion. The “I want to get away to a raw destination. A place not many talk about and discover things on my own. With my friends. I want to go with someone”. That person would want to know everything there is about why traveling to Uganda is worth risking your savings.

The mountain gorillas are what everyone talks about. No denying, spending those 60 minutes with an ape thrice the size of an average man, is gripping and immutable. Gorilla trekking, in the misty enchanting rainforest jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, is the main reason you’ll hear about Uganda in the coffers of leisure travel today.

But that is not the only reason it is a great choice with an increasing number of tourists. There’s more to this little East African safari destination, and you can find out in this post ➾

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